Crunchy Garlic Chili Sauce 4.025oz (115g)
CHILI OIL RAYU FROM MISHIMA - This special add-on condiment is full of savory and crunchy ingredients. The crafty mixture of Chili oil, fried garlic chunks, and chili paste results in a rich and distinguished fresh flavor and irresistible aroma...
Ginger Sesame Oil (Umami Sauce) 3.88 oz (110g)
Introducing Mishima Foods’ Ginger and Sesame Oil, created by Chef Troy N Thompson, the executive chef. This amazing blend of ginger and sesame oil is perfect for enhancing the flavor of your favorite dishes.  It is the perfect choice for...
Garlic & Sesame Bites Furikake 1.94oz (55g)
JAPANESE SEASONING FROM MISHIMA - Japanese style seasoning that combines unique blend of roasted garlic, sesame, onions, chili oil and special blend of spices. It brings vibrancy and exotic spirit to your favorite meals. PERFECT TOPPING - Great topping for...
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