Mishima Foods Unveils a Culinary Gem: The Red Shiso Drink

In the world of unique, refreshing beverages that please the taste buds and delight the eyes, Mishima Foods' latest product, the Red Shiso Drink, stands out as a blend of flavor and health. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for traditional cultivation methods, this drink is a testament to the beauty and richness of natural ingredients.

The Essence of Red Shiso

At the core of this delightful drink is the red perilla, or shiso, a plant revered in culinary traditions for its distinctive flavor and health benefits. The Red Shiso Drink utilizes the vibrant reddish-purple color and refreshing aroma of pesticide-free red shiso, offering a wholesome and tasty beverage.

The process starts with selecting the Hoko variety, an original species known for its refreshing scent similar to green perilla but with a deeper, vivid purple color. The leaves are soft and crepe-like, contributing to the drink's unique appeal.

A Commitment to Quality

Mishima Foods prides itself on its cultivation approach. By avoiding self-collection of seeds and prioritizing quality over yield, they have produced a drink that emphasizes the essence and purity of red shiso. This dedication extends to the harvesting process, where only the best fresh leaves are selected, ensuring the drink mix delivers an optimal flavor and aroma.

Crafting the Drink

Creating the Red Shiso Drink is an art form. The freshly harvested leaves undergo primary processing to preserve their color and flavor. Freshness is crucial; the leaves are processed the same day they are harvested to maintain their quality. A careful process, including "salt rubbing" to remove excess water and impurities, captures the essence of red shiso, amplified with plum vinegar for added flavor.

Versatility in Every Drop

The Red Shiso Drink Mix Yukari stands out not only for its exceptional taste and health benefits but its versatility. It can be diluted with water for a refreshing soft drink, mixed with soda, milk, yogurt, alcohol, or used as sauce for desserts. Its moderate sweetness and rich aroma make it a perfect accompaniment for any meal or a delightful ingredient in culinary creations.

In conclusion, Mishima Foods' Red Shiso Drink offers a unique exploration of traditional Japanese flavors, reimagined for contemporary palates. Each serving encapsulates years of passion, dedication, and respect for nature. From the careful cultivation of red shiso leaves to the meticulous production process, every aspect of this drink mix is a testament to tradition and quality. As you enjoy this unique beverage, remember the painstaking care and innovation that brought it to life. Here's to a journey of health, flavor, and endless discovery with Mishima Foods' Red Shiso Drink—a vibrant celebration of nature's bounty where tradition and innovation harmoniously intersect. 


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