5 Ways To Use Crunchy Garlic

Our favorite thing about Crunchy Garlic Chili sauce is all the different ways you can use it! In fact, there’s so many ways to use it we understand being overwhelmed. How should use it? When should you use it? So many options!

That’s why we’ve created this list of our top 5 ways to use it. Try these ideas yourself or use them as a jumping off point for your own creations. Whatever you do, be sure to tag us (@mishimafoods_usa) so we can see what you make! We love knowing what people are doing with our products.

1. Hummus
We all love dipping pita chips and naan in hummus, right? Right. That’s why one of our favorite ways to use Crunchy Garlic Chili Sauce is in hummus! Whether you just drizzle some on top or mix it straight in, we love the subtle kick that it adds to plain hummus. It’s interesting in other kinds of hummus too, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Crunchy Garlic Chili Pesto Hummus, anyone?

2. Spaghetti
Noodles are an obvious pick for Crunchy Garlic Chili Sauce. It’s what it was originally created for, after all. People use it in their ramen and wonton soup all the time, but what about other kinds of noodles? Our top pick is spaghetti! It adds just a little kick with extra garlic for when you really need to fend off vampires. Or if you’re just a person who really likes garlic, like us!

3. Bahn Mi
Sometimes your sandwich just needs a little extra kick. We’ve used Crunchy Garlic Chili Sauce on grilled cheese, egg salad, and tons of other sandwiches, but our absolute favorite is using it on bahn mi. There’s just something perfect about the marriage of the pickled vegetables and pork with the crunchy garlic… it’s also great on spring rolls for the same reason, if you were wondering!

4. Deviled Eggs
Eggs are the perfect canvas for mixing it up, but our favorite way to pair them with Crunchy Garlic Chili Sauce is on top of deviled eggs. You can mix it into the filling or add a little on top of each egg—we’ve tried it both ways and we can’t pick a favorite. One thing’s for sure, though: it totally beats regular old paprika!

5. Lettuce Wraps
If you’re trying to cut down on carbs but don’t want to sacrifice flavor, Crunchy Garlic Chili Sauce has your back! It’s giving texture. It’s giving spice. It’s giving us everything we want out of a low carb meal if we’re being honest, which is why we’re absolutely obsessed with it. Crunchy Garlic Chili Sauce pairs well with both low carb things like lettuce wraps and carb heavy things like noodles, which is testament to how versatile it is.

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