• 5 Ways To Use Crunchy Garlic

    5 Ways To Use Crunchy Garlic

    Our favorite thing about Crunchy Garlic Chili sauce is all the different ways you can use it! In fact, there’s so many ways to use it we understand being overwhelmed. How should use it? When should you use it? So many options!That’s why we’ve created this list of our top 5 ways to use it. Try these ideas yourself or use them as a...
  • History of Furikake

    History of Furikake

    As poke becomes popular across America, you might wonder about the popular poke topping furikake. Previously popular only in areas with large Asian populations like Hawaii and Los Angeles, furikake is a category of Japanese seasonings traditionally used on rice. Furikake has so much variation that it’s hard to define what, exactly, this “rice seasoning” is!At its most basic, furikake is a mixture of...
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