Roasted sesame and green seaweed (Aji Nori) Furikake 1.9oz (55g) - Green Btl


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Mishima Foods Furikake

RICE SEASONING - Furikake (ふりかけ) is a dry Japanese condiment to be sprinkled on top of cooked rice, vegetables, and fish. Try mixing furikake into plain rice or sushi rice, then making your sushi or onigiri.

BEST INGREDIENTS - We use no artificial flavors, preservatives, or MSG in our furikake. Our in-house production also means that we can make sure only the best ingredients are in our furikake.

FRESHEST TASTE - Making our own products in house means we can process ingredients as we need them. Our bonito is kept whole until we need it to keep it fresh. The black seaweed is purchased dried and we cook just the amount needed for production.

VERSATILE STAPLE - While most commonly used on rice, furikake can be used on so many things. It’s great on everything from eggs to popcorn, poke to ramen.

QUALITY YOU CAN TASTE – Mishima is on the cutting-edge of flavor development technology as one of the biggest seasoning manufacturers in Japan. We make Japanese and Asian products that are easy to use while providing healthy, simple & traditional flavors.


"Only the best to make the best"

is the statement behind Mishima Foods' mission, which is to provide a means to minimize food preparation, while consistently using superior ingredients that meet the strictest quality control standards.

From our superior food products that are in stores like Costco, Ralphs, Kroger, Whole Foods, Albertson, and many more markets all over the country, to our famous furikake seasonings, that are in famous restaurants like Hawaiian celebrity chef Sam Choy’s and high-end Asian markets all over the world. 

Mishima Foods is on the cutting edge of Japanese and Asian Products that focus on healthy, simple, traditional flavors, and are easy to use, while at the same time, great values at reasonable prices. 

Ingredients: Roasted White Sesame Seed, Sugar, Salt, Dried Green Seaweed, Roasted Black Sesame Seed & Hydrolyzed Corn Protein. 


Roasted sesame and green seaweed (Aji Nori) Furikake 1.9oz (55g) - Green Btl
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