Chirashi Mix Prepared Vegetables with Rice Vinegar 4.32oz (120g)


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Chirashi is a Japanese dish that typically consists of sushi rice that is topped with a variety of vegetables and seafood. While the ingredients can vary depending on region and preferences, some common toppings include tuna, salmon, shrimp, cucumber, and avocado. Chirashi is often considered to be a more casual version of sushi, as it is not rolled or formed into specific shapes. Instead, the toppings are simply placed on top of the rice. This makes it a perfect dish for those who are new to sushi, as it is much less intimidating than traditional sushi rolls.

This Chirashi mix from Mishima Foods contains a variety of prepared vegetables, lending a delicious and tangy flavor to your rice. Whether enjoyed as a standalone dish or combined with other foods, this chirashi mix is the perfect way to enjoy the taste of Japan.


Chirashi Mix Prepared Vegetables with Rice Vinegar 4.32oz (120g)
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