Ginger Sesame Oil (Umami Sauce) 3.88 oz (110g)


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Introducing Mishima Foods’ Ginger and Sesame Oil, created by Chef Troy N Thompson, the executive chef. This amazing blend of ginger and sesame oil is perfect for enhancing the flavor of your favorite dishes.  It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an umami sauce that will knock their taste buds off their feet.

Ginger and sesame oil are both popular ingredients in many Asian cuisines. Both ginger and sesame oil have a strong, distinct flavor that can add a lot of depth and flavor to a dish. However, they are also both very versatile ingredients that can be used in a variety of ways. This delicious oil is perfect for cooking or drizzling over your favorite dishes, adding a touch of gourmet flair to any meal. Use it as a dip for your favorite appetizers, or add it to your favorite dish for an extra boost of flavor.


Ginger Sesame Oil (Umami Sauce) 3.88 oz (110g)
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