Prepared Vegetable (Nameshi) 0.57oz (16g)


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Step into the world of authentic Japanese cuisine with our Prepared Vegetable (Nameshi) seasoning. This versatile addition to your spice collection promises to elevate your homemade dishes, allowing you to recreate the rich flavors of Japanese delicacies right in your kitchen.

Our secret? A dry, ready-to-use seasoning that captures the refreshing essence of tasty green vegetable, specifically the Daikon Radish Leaves. This seasoning is meticulously crafted to infuse any healthy dish with genuine Japanese flavors, making it a must-have for every culinary enthusiast.

The applications of our Prepared Vegetable seasoning are boundless. Whether it's rice, seafood, meats, salads, or even a bowl of popcorn, a sprinkle of Nameshi ensures an immediate flavor enhancement. Beyond taste, we prioritize health. Rest assured, every dish you prepare with this seasoning will be both flavorful and wholesome, without any compromise on ingredient quality.

Mishima's reputation speaks for itself. With decades of experience, we've been pioneers in flavor technology, standing tall as one of Japan's leading seasoning manufacturers. Our mission is simple: to bring you easy-to-use Japanese and Asian products that encapsulate health, simplicity, and time-honored flavors.


"Only the best to make the best"

is the statement behind Mishima Foods' mission, which is to provide a means to minimize food preparation, while consistently using superior ingredients that meet the strictest quality control standards.

From our superior food products that are in stores like Costco, Ralphs, Kroger, Whole Foods, Albertson, and many more markets all over the country, to our famous furikake seasonings, that are in famous restaurants like Hawaiian celebrity chef Sam Choy’s and high-end Asian markets all over the world. 

Mishima Foods is on the cutting edge of Japanese and Asian Products that focus on healthy, simple, traditional flavors, and are easy to use, while at the same time, great values at reasonable prices.

Ingredients: Green Vegetable (Hiroshima Nappa, Kyoto Nappa, Radish Leaves), Sugar, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Miso (Soybean Powder), Kelp Extract & Bonito Powder.

Contains Soybeans, Bonito.


Prepared Vegetable (Nameshi) 0.57oz (16g)
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